Governance, Risk & Compliance

Organisations are faced constantly with regulatory pressures and compliance requirements.

Introducing an integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance provides your organisation with the tools to understand and manage your risks by streamlining the processes of assessing risks, conforming to regulations and establishing policies.

A Full Range of Benefits

Controlling risk, effectively handling regulatory compliance using a combination of ERM Online products.

Real time analytics

Extensive real time reporting including inherent and residual risk matrix, risk landscape, risks and treatments summary.

Protect sensitive information

Control your board, council or executive team by distributing confidential documents quickly and securely including instant updates.

Industry specific solutions

AML / CTF, club accountability, FSRA or GRC education, all delivered and maintained by us.

Strengthen your risk culture

Adapt your agreed consolidated risk framework into the platform to view your entire risks appetite as a whole or individual categories with multiple registers.


Key Features

  • Identify, assess, rate and control each risk with a full audit trail of each change along the way
  • Supports approval processes that reflect the organisation’s breach management process
  • Approval and actioning breach instances via the mobile ‘to do’ list
  • Tailor your risks framework to filter throughout other ERM Online products
  • Configurable reporting widgets on responses specifics to match regular reporting requirements
  • Manage processes with quarterly reporting to management by ERM Online for specific solutions 

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