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Ensure your venues executive, management and employees follow the law, regulations,  standards, and ethical practices that apply to your industry and your venue.

Analysis, Reports and Dashboard Outputs
Document Management
Employee Competencies and Training

A full range of benefits

We customise and tailor digital ecosystems to provide key stakeholders with real time data and insights to improve business efficiencies.

1. Smartforms

Convert your forms and manual processes into a dynamic Smartform with approval processes and a multitude of field options available, adding valuable insight, improve the user experience, and obtain operational efficiencies. Our industry templates include Shift Summary Report, Security Report, Employee/Patron. Incident Form or have us build any other paper-based form you use.

Scheduled Tasks
2. Scheduled Tasks

Our Scheduled Tasks can automate your task reminders so that tasks are managed more effectively and you know who is responsible. Whether it be a simple ‘sign off’ with up loadable evidence or a series of questions or checklists, each task can be tailored to meet you school/college’s requirements.

Document Management
3. Document Management

Effectively manage and control your document system through maintaining document controls and ensuring staff are using the correct versions, all within one easy to use solution. Document review triggers can be scheduled with escalation ensuring all documents remain relevant and up to date.

Employee Competencies and Training
4. Employee Competencies and Training

Create your competency framework or model for your  organisation & also for each position by identifying the key  abilities or requirements for that position. Automate, easily  identify & be notified when a person’s competency is due  or about to expire – perfect for tracking RSG/RSA, First Aid, Armed Hold-up, AML/CTF and WHS employee  competencies.

Work Health and Safety Checklists
5. Work Health and Safety Checklists

Providing management with transparency across all venues by streamlining all your WHS checklist requirements. Use a centralised solution to promote compliance, risk and safety by standardising data, enabling your staff to capture rich and accurate information and strong analytics.

Complaints and Feedback Management
6. Complaints and Feedback Management

Ensure your venue complies with regulatory guidelines  and adheres to codes of practice which are reflected in  your complaint management system resulting in the  implementation of your complaint handling standards and  improved service levels.

Strategic Risks
7. Strategic Risks

Embed an enterprise-wide agreements management  solution which tracks and notifies your Staff when any  contract, service agreements or lease is due to expire,  allowing you to extract the full value from all your  agreements.

Facility Management
8. Facility Management

Adopt a sophisticated approach to managing all aspects of  your facilities. Leverage the power of a centralised solution  from the raising of a maintenance request, preventative  maintenance program, contractor certificates, review and  tender of any contracts or agreements through to the  management of your contractor/visitor and volunteer  entry

9. AML / CTF

Adopt a demonstrable system that mitigates the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing. Clubs and Hotels that operate 15 or more electronic gaming machines (EGMs) must develop & implement & comply with a suitable Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) program to protect against the risk of money laundering or terrorism financing activity occurring. Civil and criminal penalties can be imposed where a business does not comply with the Act.

Ecosystem Extras

Add these features to your digital ecosystem. Chat with us to see how we can tailor a digital ecosystem for you.

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