ERM Online
Concordia Lutheran College
The Problem:

CLC approached ERM to move their paper-based timesheets to the ERM platform due to inefficiencies.
The Solution:

ERM developed an online timesheet that eliminated the need for handwritten paper forms. There is now a customised system that automatically calculates the time worked (including breaks) which was developed specifically for the client. Automatic notifications are sent to specified approvers of timesheets based on the School Campus, Teaching or Support Staff, and Teams. Notifications are then sent to payroll on approval of timesheets to assist in the processing of staff payments. requirements and all steps of the process are dates stamped.
“Brilliant – thank you! I’ll advise the Business Team and hopefully they’ll start this process today. I am keen to get the new form up and running for staff as it is a huge improvement on the current handwritten timesheet. Thanks again for your expert and timely support.”
Melanie Foreman
Human Resources Officer

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