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We customise and tailor digital ecosystems to provide key stakeholders with real time data and insights to improve business efficiencies.

Incident and Hazard Management
1. Incident and Hazard Management

A proactive solution to manage risk within the workplace, our solution helps you mobilise your employees to capture incidents and report hazards. Our Incident and Hazard Form template captures key information for any incident or hazard including the generation of an automatic Investigation Form and assigned Corrective Actions.

Scheduled Tasks
2. Scheduled Tasks

Our Scheduled Tasks can automate your task reminders so that tasks are managed more effectively and you know who is responsible. Whether it be a simple ‘sign off’ with up loadable evidence or a series of questions or checklists, each task can be tailored to meet you school/college’s requirements.

Facility Management
3. Facility Management

Adopt a sophisticated approach to managing all aspects of your facilities. Leverage the power of a centralised solution from the raising of a maintenance request, preventative maintenance program, contractor certificates, review and tender of any contracts or agreements through to the management of your contractor/visitor and volunteer entry.

Employee Competencies and Training
4. Employee Competencies and Training

Create your competency framework for your Employees by position and identifying the key abilities or requirements for that position. Automate, easily identify and be notified when a person’s competency is due or about to expire – perfect for tracking First Aid, Teacher Registration, Working With Children, Professional Development and WHS requirements.

Accreditation Processes
5. Accreditation Processes

Eliminate the paper-based processes by implementing a digital approach to improve your ability to comply with regulations & quality standards. Automate core business processes to improve decision making, promote collaboration and enable continuous improvement.

Strategic Risks
6. Strategic Risks

Our strategic product gives you an effective online tool that helps identify any risks that your school/college faces. Replace slow, clunky spreadsheets with a digital solution that records and displays the inherent and residual risk ratings in your business – and gives you a full audit trail of your risk.

Policy and Awareness Suite
7. Policy and Awareness Suite

The Education industry is subject to a range of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements that will require ongoing monitoring and action to ensure accreditation is maintained. Have peace of mind knowing that you are notified that any of the policies have automatically been updated in line with legal, regulatory and best practice changes and staff are aware of relevant policies via online exams providing a clear and demonstrable improvement in learning & awareness.

Ecosystem Extras

Add these features to your digital ecosystem. Chat with us to see how we can tailor a digital ecosystem for you.

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