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Strategic Risks

Our strategic product gives you an effective online tool that helps identify any risks that your organisation faces.
Replace slow, clunky spreadsheets with a cloud-based solution that records and displays the inherent and residual risk ratings in your business – and gives you a full audit trail of your risk.
With our tool, you can link into ermonline’s scheduled tasks to any on-going control and assign ownership of the risk to the appropriate staff member.

A full range of benefits


Consolidate your Framework

Adapt your agreed consolidated risks framework into the platform to view your entire risks appetite as a whole or individual categories..


Capture each stage of risk management

Identify, assess, rate and control each risk with a full audit trail of each change along the way.


Individual Risk Registers

Separate your strategic risks into separate categories and allow access to certain register depending on the user.


Identify and understand risks quickly

Our easy to use and clear layout allows yot to see the details of the risk, controls associated with the risk plus any changes in the risk rating.

Key Features Included
Unlimited risks and controls
Email notifications when allocated a control
Schedule any on-going control with our scheduled tasks solution
Single or indivudal risks matrix for the registers
Clear detailed print out of each risk or your entire registers

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