Optimise your workflow, critical tasks and document management by adopting solutions that directly impact the day to day operations.

Increase productivity, streamlined communication, improve quality of responses, greater visibility and increased operational stability are just a few of the benefits from automating your organisation with a digital approach.

A Full Range of Benefits

Streamline the day to day process of your business using a combination of ERM Online products.

Consistency across your sites

Build Smartform or recurring tasks across all your sites to eliminate duplicate entries and ensure a consistent approach.

Secure links

Create secure links for any Smartform or document for your intranet, portal or website which are automatically updated should there be an changes.

Business continuity

Your data and documents are automatically backed up and stored off site providing you with peace of mind that they are protected.

Mobile friendly

Complete and sign off approval steps anywhere with our mobile 'to do' accessible via your mobile or tablet device.


Key Features

  • Unlimited workflow, approval processes and escalation functionality for your Smartforms and tasks
  • Instant email notifications when a Smartform has been submitted or a task is due
  • Full audit trail of the progression of your Smartform, task completion or document version
  • Convenience of being able to view your operational processes from anywhere with connectivity
  • Tailored ‘real time’ dashboard snapshots providing operational insights

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