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Boardroom Central

Boardroom Central is a fully automated document distribution system that allows your executive and management team to distribute, review and amend your most confidential documents quickly and securely.

With a completely automated document distribution system, your team can say goodbye to manually preparing, printing and delivering documents. Instead, they simply upload and send documents electronically via a portal. With an email notification, other team members can then access, review, amend and redistribute the documents anywhere, and at any time.


A full range of benefits


Protect sensitive information – every time

Control who views sensitive information, by creating different levels of authorisation for each document.


Keep accurate audit trails

Enjoy a transparent electronic record of each document viewer and, the time and date of each view.


Make instant updates and save time

Speed up processes and boost productivity, with document revisions that are displayed instantly – so there’s no delay between changes and forwarding documents on.


Create consistent systems across your organisation

Apply the same efficiencies and document delivery throughout your organisation with no limit on the security groups.

Key Features Included
Unlimited security groups
All common file attachments supported
Up to 20 document attachments per bundle
Secured logons for all members of your security groups
Confirmation of who has opened the document and who hasn't
Archived documents available at any time

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