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Accidents and Incidents

Accreditation & Compliance

Boards / Councils / Committees

Contractor Management

  Perfect for:
   Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form
   Risk Assessment Form 
   Hazard Inspection Checklist
   Investigation Form
   Near Miss Form
   Corrective Actions
  Perfect for:
   Critical Scheduled Tasks
   Quality Assurance

  Perfect for:
   Committees - Finance/WHS
   Reporting Groups

  Perfect for:
   Work Order Requests
   Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
   Certificates of Currency
   Contractor Non-Conformance Report
   Contracts and Service Agreements

Contracts / Agreements / Leases


Events and Functions

Feedback and Complaints

  Perfect for:
   Service Agreements
   Special Conditions
   Master Agreements
  Perfect for:
   Excursion Forms
   Risk Assessments
   Enrolment Applications
   Accident and Injury Management
   Staff Handbooks
   Policies and Procedures
   Employee Competencies
   Working With Children Checks
   Boards and Councils

  Perfect for:
   Bus Booking Form
   Excursion / Incursion / Camp - Planning Form
   Catering Request Form
   Special Event Notification Form
   Activity / Excursion / Event Costing Request
   Risk Assessment Form
   Feedback Form

  Perfect for:
   Employee Complaints &/or Grievances Report
   Customer Complaints &/or Grievances Report
   Feedback Form
   Privacy Complaint Form
   Misconduct Report Form
   Customer Service Issue Report
   Promotions Feedback Form


Human Resources

Paper Based Systems and Content


  Perfect for:
   Shift Managers Summary
   Security Report
   Accident and Injury Management
   Patron Feedback
   Complaints and Disputes
   Staff Handbooks
   Policies And Procedures
   RSA / RCG
   Armed Holdup Training
   Work Order Requests
   Scheduled Preventative Maitenance
   Certificates of Currency
  Perfect for:
   Variation of Hours Agreement Form
   Professional Development Application Form
   Application for Leave
   Performance Appraisal Report Form
   Employee Issues Report Form
   Performance Discussion Form
   Employee Start Setup Form
   Enrolment Forms
   Employee Competencies

  Perfect for:
   Taking paper to a cloud based solution 
   Forms requiring completion
   Reference documents
   Standard set of strategic risks
   Critical master tasks requiring sign off

  Perfect for:
   Gift Register
   Complaints Register
   Breach Register
   Accidents and Injuries Register
   Critical Incidents Register

Risk Management

Workplace Injuries




  Perfect for:
   Strategic Risks
   Risk Registers
   Implementing your Risks Framework
   Inherent and Residual ratings
    Perfect for:
   Reporting workplace injuries
   Managing and tracking the life of the injury
   Streamlining your Return to Work initiatives
   Measuring improvements to workplace risk



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