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Our Platform

Our aim is to provide our clients with solutions on an easy to use single platform.

Replacing modules, our Solutions are presented in an inituitive interface to make it easy for users to use and an Organisation to embrace.

Ermonline's platform can be compared to our logo which is derived from a cube analogy with the 3 stacked layers symbolic of the adaptable interchangeable product solutions that make up the ermonline solutions.

The layers have been swivelled into different positions - as you would do when mapping ermonline solutions to your own organisational needs.

Ermonline's servers are hosted in one of two Australian based secure carrier grade datacentres.

What makes us different

  • Cloud Based Computing

Reduces the need for physical infrasturcture reducing your costs.

  • Business Intelligence

Live data providing information you require to make well-informed decisions.

  • Solutions for "On The Move"

All solutions are compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

  • Tailored Products & Services

Unlike an off-the-shelf product, we address the specific needs of the business providing greater efficiency.

CEO - ermonline Pty Ltd

Michael Burgess

We provide solutions that are simple, adaptable, ultimately providing you with peace of mind by allowing you to get on with managing your workload, team or business division.

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