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Contractor Certificates Managed Services

Let us seamlessly manage your organisation’s certificate requirements via our Managed Service.

A full range of benefits

Take the pressure off your own resources as we will:

  • Setup

all your Contractor’s details including the Certificates you want to track to begin the process

  • Monitor

and follow-up all Contractor Certificates due to expire ensuring that any Contractor coming on-site has Certificate requirements met

  • Add

any new Contractors your Organisation decides to engage and set up their Certificates ready for monitoring and updating

  • Report

on a monhtly basis any non-compliance and also all Contractors with updated Certificate information

  • Update

all Certificates ensuring you have quantified evidence of the each Contractor’s requirements

Key Features Included
Free up internal resources
Perfectly sets your organisation up for Contractor Entry validation
Peace of mind knowing that Contractor requirements are being met
Real time analytics showing your Certificate compliance
Perfect for Public Liability and Workers Comepnsation certificate requirements

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