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People & Culture

Introduce practices within your organisation to improve employee’s well-being and integrate them into your organisation effortlessly.

Through automated delivery of the traditional paper-based processes you can optimise your employee training and development activities, and the result will be an increase in skills, knowledge competence and capability.

A Full Range of Benefits

Automating HR processes with a focus on staff training and development using a combination of ERM Online products.

Complaints & Feedback

With customisable forms, fields can reflect your organisations requirements to comply with regulatory requirements, adhere to codes of practice, implement complaint handling standards or improve service levels.

Induction & On-boarding

Eliminate the mountains of paperwork and reduce the time it takes to onboard & induct new employees by switching to a digital process. Managed well, employee onboarding & induction helps your new employees understand the organisational culture which can impact on engagement, loyalty and retention.

Employee Competencies

Create your competency framework or model for your organisation & also for each position by identifying the key abilities or requirements for that position. Automate, easily identify & be notified when a person’s competency is due or about to expire - perfect for tracking First Aid, Teacher Registration, Working With Children and WHS employee competencies.

Professional Development

Whatever the industry, continuing professional development involves maintaining, enhancing and extending your knowledge expertise and competence. This solution provides a responsive professional development solution that allows organisations to track, manage, & report on all professional development activities of your employees.


Key Features

  • Create and track role based competencies
  • Automatic notification when a person’s competency is due or about to expire
  • Skill gap and skill matrix reporting
  • Submit complaints or feedback via a mobile device, desktop, online portal or website
  • Upload evidence of employee training completion including certificates
  • Empower your workforce to take ownership of their development and progression

It’s easy to get started

And it’s customisable. Chat with us to see how we can tailor a digital ecosystem for you.