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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Eliminate the paper-based processes by implementing a digital approach to improve your organisation’s ability to comply with regulations, quality standards and best practice.

Automate core business processes to improve decision making, promote collaboration and enable continuous improvement.

A Full Range of Benefits

Embed, demonstrate and ensure continuity of quality systems using a combination of ERM Online products.

Board & Council Portal

Provides a document distribution system that allows your executive & management team to distribute, review & amend your most confidential documents quickly & securely. With a completely automated document distribution system, your team can say goodbye to manually preparing, printing & delivering documents.

Strategic Risks

Our strategic product gives you an effective online tool that helps identify any risks that your organisation faces. Replace slow, clunky spreadsheets with a digital solution that records & displays the inherent and residual risk ratings in your business – and gives you a full audit trail of your risk.

Quality Assurance

Key Features

  • Process and content is tailorable to any business and any industry
  • System can be once and filter to all your sites to ensure a consistent approach
  • Workflow, approval processes and email functionality
  • Increased accountability via a transparent solution so intervention is immediate
  • Schedule your key accreditation or quality management task to ensure completion

It’s easy to get started

And it’s customisable. Chat with us to see how we can tailor a digital ecosystem for you.