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Facility Management

Adopt a sophisticated approach to managing all aspects of your organisation’s facilities.

Leverage the power of a centralised solution from the raising of a maintenance request, preventative maintenance program, contractor certificates and contracts through to the management of your contractor entry.

Benefits from a single integrated facilities management solution with a consistent look and feel across your entire organisation.

A Full Range of Benefits

Seamlessly managing an organisation’s facilities management lifecycle using a combination of ERM Online products.

Work Order Requests

Leverage the power of a centralised solution to raise a maintenance request for your internal staff or a contractor to come and action using desktop computers or alternatively mobile tablets or any web-enabled device.

Preventative Maintenance

Automate & streamline your approach to preventative maintenance by using a solution that provides the ability to schedule & carry out regular maintenance.

Contractor Certificates

An automated process to collect & monitor certificates including Public Liability & Workers Compensation is paramount for maintaining compliance & protecting your business.

Contracts & Agreements

Embed an enterprise-wide agreements management solution which tracks & notifies your Staff when any contract, service agreements or lease is due to expire, allowing you to extract the full value from all your agreements.

Contractor Induction

Present important safety, site specific & workplace introduction information in a digital consistent format.

Contractor Entry

Validates all company & individual site requirements & notifies internal contacts based on the reason for the visit to allow for a more tailored approach & provides peace of mind, knowing that any visitor, volunteer or contractor onsite has been validated and has met all your organisation’s entry requirements.


Key Features

  • Enhance transparency of information reduces the need for constant chasing and follow-ups
  • Take a photo from your mobile device to support the maintenance request
  • Improved communication with email updates at each process step of a request
  • Be a step ahead by beginning contractor negotiations prior to agreements expiring
  • Store, search and forecast all of your contractor information in a secure single digital solution
  • Email or SMS capabilities for notification of contractors who fail your entry requirements

It’s easy to get started

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