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A simple, effective solution

Workplace Central is an integrated, easy to use solution that allows you to streamline and automate your organisation’s day to day business processes.

Create speedy and efficient work practices, and put an end to time-wasting practices such as long drawn out meetings and complex online filing systems.

Workplace Central also allows you to keep a clear audit trail of work that you can constantly refine your working systems and create a more efficient and effective workplace

A full range of benefits


Make document access safe and easy

With Workplace Central, you can protect sensitive information with secure logons, and give the wider community easy access to forms and documents through public links.


Create a flexible workplace

Our solutions are can be used on tablets and mobile devices – so you can get work done on the go or at the hours you choose.


Use our advanced analytics to build your business

Workplace Central dashboard snapshots allow your management team to make informed decisions, based on your business practices.


Only pay for what you need

Workplace Central only includes the features that your organisation needs – and none that you don’t.



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