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Scheduled Tasks

Managing all tasks, critical or otherwise requires a team of people with excellent memories OR a platform that can ensure that all deadline requirements are maintained always providing you with peace of mind. 

Automate your task reminders through erm's Scheduled Tasks Management so that tasks are managed more effectively and you know who is responsible.

Whether it be a simple ‘sign off’ with up loadable evidence or a series of questions or checklists, each task can be tailored to meet you Organisation’s requirements.

A full range of benefits

  • Create simple, effective systems for each task

Use automatic notifications and reminders to ensure tasks get done properly and on time.

  • Make tasks consistent across the organisation

Build recurring tasks across all your sites to eliminate duplicate entries and ensure a consistent approach.

  • Future proof your organisation

Enjoy an overview of your organisation's critical items, with task forecasts up to five years in advance.

  • Increased Accountability

Easily assign tasks to others and monitor progress – so your management team will know immediately if they need to intervene.

Key Features Included
Assign a single user or multiple users to the same task
Building tasks is simple via the 'Tasks Wizard'
Real time analytics via dashboards
Tailor task responces
Confirmation of task completion can trigger off approvals for more complicated task processes
Provides full audits trails of task completion and task completion evidence



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