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A simple, effective solution

People Central is an easy to use, cost-effective online competency management system that you can use to keep track of your people’s skills and qualifications.

Ensuring your people are right for each job is easy, with tools to help you:

  • track staff qualifications

  • create databases of staff competencies

  • create staff attendee sheets for training days

  • design staff activities

  • create user-definable lists of all skills, qualifications, licenses and certificates.

A full range of benefits


Save time and create efficient processes

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, and hello to one complete and easy-to-use application.


Eliminate errors and over-work

Integrate People Central with key payroll systems to create employee lists.


Meet your industry requirements effortlessly

Ensure your people have the required and up-to-date qualifications and training, such as Working with Children, RCG or RSA.


Boost productivity

Streamline your employee evaluation and training requirements..


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