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Working With Children

Part of the People Central solution suite, our Working with Children product allows you to create a safe and supportive working environment simply and efficiently.

Replace slow, clunky spreadsheets with a cloud-based solution that makes monitoring your Working with Children check requirements easy, and mitigates potential risks to your organisation.

A full range of benefits

  • Export reports when needed

Export your reports from anywhere and at anytime you need them.

  • Identify a card’s status easily

Quickly identify what stage your Working with Children check is at.

  • Follow the progress of each card

Track the path of the check from new, to linked and renewed.

  • Cover all your resources

Cover all your people – from volunteers and homestay, to paid employees and business associates.

Key Features Included
Integrates with key payroll systems
Supports online Volunteer Register Form that populates your register
Upload evidence to support the card progress
Automatic email notification ninety days prior to card expiries
Real time analytics via dashboards



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