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A simple, effective solution

Manage your organisation’s facilities smoothly and efficiently with a centralised, fully integrated platform that allows you to:

  • submit service requests

  • schedule repetitive maintenance

  • manage supplier contracts

  • certify and validate your preferred contractors.

With Facilities Central, you can build a solution that capture your organisation’s unique look and feel, and add any of our individual products to meet your specific needs.

A full range of benefits


Have a clear audit trail

Track the entry history of all your reqeusts, certificates, contracts and entry/exit of your contractors.


Integrate easily with your SINE software

Seamlessly validate all your contractor requirements, using SINE’s intelligent visitor and contractor software.


Keep track of insurance and company requirements

Perfect for tracking Company Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance requirements.


Validate employee requirements

Tailor employee requirements on a per-contractor basis so that they meet specific requirements before coming on-site.


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