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Employee Competencies

Part of our People Central solution suite, our Employee Competencies product helps you to:

  • create and track activity-based competencies 

  • demonstrate competence and progress

  • forecast skill expiries in your workplace

  • track and upload evidence

A full range of benefits


Track competencies easily

Easily identify when a persons competency is due or about to expire.


Identify skills gaps quickly

Check output to quickly find where skill gaps may be – so you can plan to fill them.


Find the right person for the job

Identify any staff members who could potentially fill a new or vacant position.


Integrate departments with payroll systems

Understand and group an entire department’s skills and competencies.

Key Features Included
Associate unlimted competencies with position types
Automatic email notification upon comeptency expiries
Complete online competency requirements via our online forms capability
Real time analytics via dashboards
Skill Gap reporting
Skill Matrix output



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